Real Estate Photography Checklist

Make your first impression a great one by following these tips as you prepare your home for Real Estate Photography. Brought to you by the fun mountain folk at


GENERAL - For all areas of the home

  • Pickup and clean the home, remove all clutter 
  • Turn on all lights inside and out
  • Replace light bulbs with 5000k bulbs for better, brighter photographs (optional)
  • Turn all TVs and computers off
  • Turn off all ceiling fans and dust blades
  • Remove personal photographs
  • Make all beds and pull covers tight for no wrinkles
  • Open window blinds to let outside light in
  • Remove all throw rugs 
exterior back yard

EXTERIOR - Front and back yards

  • Remove cars from driveway
  • Close all garage doors
  • Remove visible water hoses
  • Remove toys, bikes, basketball hoops, trash cans, etc
  • Clean porches and organize any outdoor furniture
  • Turn on any water fountains or features

KITCHEN - Clean and tidy makes a great impression

  • Completely clear off all countertops by removing all cooking pots, utensils and small appliances
  • Remove magnets and pictures from outside of fridge
  • Hide garbage and recycling cans
  • Remove any dishes from sink
  • Remove fingerprints from stainless steel appliances
  • Space chairs evenly at breakfast bar or nook areas

DINING AREA - Organize furniture

  • Add a decorative center piece to dining table
  • Use place settings if uniform and available
  • Space chairs evenly at table
  • Remove child high chairs or booster seats

LIVING ROOM - Make it look cozy and comfortable

  • Remove clutter 
  • Hide TV remotes
  • Declutter fireplace hearth and mantle
  • Fluff and organize sofa pillows

BED ROOMS - Organize furniture

  • Make beds and accent with throw pillows; straighten comforter tightly
  • Clean under bed and remove any items that may become visible in photographs
  • Remove all personal items including family pictures
  • Hide all device charging cables

Bathrooms - Remove clutter

  • Remove all items from countertops, including soap dispensers and clean thoroughly
  • Remove all items from shower and tub locations
  • Remove all floor rugs
  • Replace towels with fresh, clean ones
  • Clean toilets thoroughly and put seats in fully closed position

Pets - Leave no trace

  • Remove pet food and water bowls
  • Clean pet hair from furniture
  • Hide pet toys and beds
  • Give pet a play day elsewhere during the photo session